Guide How to Play Dragon Tiger Online

Guide How to Play Dragon Tiger Online

One of the games that is arguably quite easy to play, where you only place bets on both dragons or tigers, this game is available in sbobet casino. However, two important rules to consider first are low ace, so the order of low to high cards is ace 2 to K.

Before discussing more about how to play and strategies in playing the game dragon tiger, it’s a good idea to know what the dragon tiger game is and where this dragon tiger game comes from.



Dragon tiger game is an online casino game that was first introduced in Cambodia. Dragon tiger is also a favorite of progressive bettors who often bet on the scoreboard. The dragon tiger game is played according to British rules, namely by using 52 cards.

Dragon tiger game is a card game that is quite easy to play, just make a bet on who will get the higher card value. A card game that compares the card values ​​between the dragon and tiger sides with the highest card value.

Online casino games with very fast game rotation, for those of you who like to play games with fast spins and can get profits quickly, this dragon tiger game is the right choice.

A game that is played with 2 cards for the player and 1 card for the bookies or commonly called the banker. Unlike other online casino games, the players of this dragon tiger game do not play only against the dealer.

This dragon tiger game aims to choose which player dragon or tiger will get the highest card, unlike other casino games that allow the player or banker to draw additional cards. For this dragon tiger baccarat game, it only allows taking one card, there is no card withdrawal system.


If you are a professional bettor, you may already be familiar with how to play Dragon Tiger. However, for a beginner who wants to play may still be confused in playing the dragon tiger game.

Here’s how to play the online dragon tiger game:

  • Players will determine where to bet on Dragon, Tie, or, Tiger options.
  • Banker will deal one card each for Dragon and Tiger positions.
  • To determine the winner in this game, you Dragon or Tiger who has the highest score will be the winner. If the Dragon or Tiger has the same value, it will be called a Tie.
  • For this game the value of the K card is the card with the highest value & the Ace is the lowest card value. Order of cards from lowest to highest: A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K.
  • Winning bets will be counted 1 : 1 while Tie 1: 8
  • If Dragon or Tiger wins, no commission is charged to either party. However, if there is a tie then the bet amount on Dragon or Tiger will be reduced by 50% as commission. The rest will be returned to the player.

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The Main Secret Easy to Win Play Live Casino Online

The Main Secret Easy to Win Play Live Casino Online

Who doesn’t know about online gambling? Yes, gambling is a type of game that is played using bets. In addition to betting gambling can also be played to fill free time, for some people is something very interesting and quite exciting. Some people believe that by playing online gambling can eliminate boredom and boredom and provide a calming effect for some people. Especially for online casino live members, just not playing for a day feels like the end of the world for them.

As the name implies, this online live casino game can already be played with an online system, only with a smartphone or computer and of course using the internet network. Now, when playing, of course, some players find out how to win the game on the Online Casino Gambling Site. But the main requirement you must understand very well about how to play it. Here we will give you a few key secrets of Easy Winning Live Casino Online.

The Main Secret to Win Live Casino Online

The Main Secret to Win Live Casino Online
1. Adequate capital

In a gambling game there will always be a name that wins and also loses, when we lose the role of capital will really help us to be able to turn things around into a capital or win. So if you do not have enough capital, you should not make gambling bets first, because that will only hurt you. Use only the capital you can, so don’t force it to use all the capital in your account.

2. Patience

The patience factor also plays an important role. You have to be patient in playing live casino online, if you are impatient and keep analyzing the conditions you will lose your concentration. When you lose concentration that’s your opponent’s chance to grow and defeat you. Opponents will realize once you know the condition of your patience if you have experienced defeat. All they have to do is prepare the trap with your concentration shattered. Therefore, prepare yourself carefully so that you can control your emotions.

3. Pay Attention to Opponent Bets

You should also pay attention to bets made by opponents or bookies when playing. Surely each player has their own different tips and tricks and also have different patience and shortcomings. If you want to get a victory in betting, of course you must understand the tips and tricks used by other players who may be more experienced then your percentage of getting bigger wins and losses will not come to you.

4. Playing Games That You Are Able To Control

If you are good at Roulette, then don’t play Sicbo games that you haven’t mastered. Because playing in a game that you have mastered can open your chances of winning the online live casino game and we want to suggest you to play on the best live casino site. Therefore, do not ever run into other games that you have not quasi, might not get a victory but your chip actually runs out first. So play on a game that you really have mastered first.

5. Don’t Play When Stressed

This is very often done by online gambling players, ie playing live casino online in times of stress. Some people vent to play when they again have a lot of problems. This is certainly a very wrong action and bring you a big loss.

When you are experiencing a lot of problems, you should calm yourself down first. Playing online casino gambling when in a good mood won’t make your game to the maximum. Conversely, your focus will be disrupted so that it will ultimately produce the wrong decision. Not infrequently you even become emotional and in the end the capital you spend is left out.

That is the reason why playing online casino gambling really needs the so-called calmness. Make sure you are in good condition and ready to face other players in the game. Whatever game you play, if you are in a bad mood it will produce a bad game.

With the effort and calm, surely the opportunity for victory will also be more wide open for you. Therefore be a rational casino player who is rational and great at completing every bet patiently to take chances.

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