5 Gambling Players Who Cheat In The Casino

5 Gambling Players Who Cheat In The Casino

But the reality is that even in gambling games in casinos it is very difficult to get a win. As in general games, of course there is cheating committed by the players in the casino world. Although this is strictly prohibited in the rules of gambling games, in fact some professional players also do this. The following is a row of names that managed to bring winnings with a very high nominal with the results of cheating committed in the casino:

1. Don Johnson

Don Johnson who is the CEO of Heritage Development is also a gambler who has a lot of experience and knowledge about casino games. Even so great, one night in Atlantic City, he managed to get a victory of up to US $ 6 million or around 72 billion Rupiah. Not only that, he even played at 3 different casinos and got a total win of up to US $ 15 million or around 181 billion rupiah. And that he got through only one type of game, namely Blackjack.

He got all these wins after he realized that there was a slight change in the manipulation of the casino which was different than usual. At that time, the casinos in Atlantic City were experiencing a decline in revenue, so the casino needed gamblers who dared to bet big.

At that time he managed to make himself and the casino really experience fair gambling, namely with 50-50 odds. With confidence, his ability to count, and his luck he managed to beat the various casinos so that he achieved a total victory of 15 million US Dollars. So it is not surprising that Don Johnson’s name is known in various casinos and is not allowed to enter United States casinos.

2. Louis Covacchio

Louise Covacchio got a huge win by committing a fraud by duplicating casino slot coins. From the results of the fraud he did in the casino, he managed to make a profit of up to 6 billion Rupiah.

With the level of resemblance of the slot machine coins that he made almost the same, it could even be said that the coin slots were exactly the same. This led to the FBI, Secret Service, and other authorities having to visit the residence of Louise Covacchio to look for evidence. It took a long time to tell the difference between the original slot machine and the one he made.

3. Richard Marcus

3. Richard Marcus

This fraud by Richard Marcus can be said to be the biggest cheating in the casino world. At first he did have a dream to become a professional gambler, but unfortunately he failed and even had to live under a bridge. Not giving up, he finally got another job, as a dealer. So when he became a dealer, the idea to commit fraud came

One of these cheats he did at the roulette table. Where he will bet 3 chips starting at 5 dollars under 3 chips of 100 dollars. The total winnings he managed to get was estimated at up to 5 million US Dollars or around 60 billion Rupiah. However, he was later caught by the authorities and sentenced. Now he swerved and tried to become a casino consultant. But he claims that he still has other underhand tricks he can pull off.

4. Dennis Nikrasch

In the casino there are 2 types of gamblers, namely the gambler against the machine and the gambler against the dealer. Dennis Nikrasch is the second type of gambler. He managed to fight the machine and get a very fantastic victory from this cheating game. He got these results through slot machine games.

Initially he bought his own slot machine and made a special chip to be able to manipulate the slot machine. Then he and his gang went to the casino. In the casino, the Nikrasch gang is tasked with blocking surveillance cameras, while Nikrasch himself opens the casino slot machine and inserts the special chip he has made.

From the results of this fraud, he managed to get a win of up to 16 million US Dollars or around 224 billion rupiah. But unfortunately the fraud he committed was soon discovered by the casino. He was later arrested and repeatedly jailed until he finally died in 2010.

5. Joseph Jagger

Joseph Jagger is an English engineer who has a hobby of gambling in https://www.gamehacker.info/ . He believes that he can beat the roulette machine in the casino. Cheating in this casino he did by employing 6 men to secretly record the results issued on the roulette table. After looking at the recording, he found that there were several numbers that often appeared in the roulette game.

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