Know Sicbo Game And The Types Of Bets

Know Sicbo Game And The Types Of Bets

Get to know the Sicbo game and the types of bets

Entering the modern era like this, a lot of online games are starting to develop according to the times. Where in the game itself is made with various types such as some are paid and some are not.

The emergence of this online game itself is basically intended to fill the players’ free time. But now there are many types of games that can also be used to fill in additional money as well.

Many programmers are now starting to come up with games that can make money. And one of them is the type of online casino game.

Basically, casino games themselves have been around for a long time. However, following its development, the players are given convenience in playing it. That is without the need to bother coming to the place directly, but simply accessed online.

Call it like which is now also starting to provide types of online casino games that are no less interesting. In addition, the live22 game site itself also provides other games such as online fish, slot games, and much more. And each game itself does not miss out on interesting features and big jackpots.

Basically, online casino games are not just one, but there are many types. Such as roulette, baccarat, slots, dragon tiger, sicbo and many more.

And in this article, we will explain the types of games from online casinos that are no less interesting, namely Sicbo. Where what will be explained is getting to know the Sicbo game and the types of bets

Get to know the Sicbo game and the types of bets

Get to know the Sicbo game and the types of bets

Sicbo game is one type of casino game that does not use cards but only uses three dice in the game.

For how to play itself, it is quite easy, namely by just guessing the number of values ‚Äč‚Äčthat will come out of the three dice that have been shuffled. And before the dice are shaken, the players will be given 1 minute to set it up.

And keep in mind, the Sicbo CQ9 game is a game that has the most fans among them. This is because it is easy to play and brings big wins.

For the percentage itself, it is generally above 50% for victory in the Sicbo game. In addition, the advantage of the sicbo game is that the players will not only fight the dealer but will also bet with the players at one table.

Where to play at least one table contains only six people. And vice versa, if you only want to fight the city, you can still do it.

Types of Sicbo Betting Games

After knowing the type of game, then it will be continued with the types of bets that are owned. For this one, of course, needs to be considered, so that the players are not wrong in placing bets in it.

1. Big-Small Bet

The first type of bet that will be explained is the big and small bet. This big-small bet involves a number of numbers with a total value of 18 (6 dots x 3 dice).

Small bets are counted from four to ten. As for big bets starting from the numbers eleven to seventeen. However, it should be noted for this type of bet that there is a term called the House Edge which means if the numbers that come out are 3 and 18 then the player is declared defeated.

2. Odd-Even Bet

As the name implies, placing this bet is done by placing an even or odd number. Where the even numbers consist of the numbers 4.6.8 and the following are followed by odd numbers which include the numbers 5,7,9 and so on. And for the payment to be received is 1: 1.

3. Total Dice Score

This type of bet is played only for players who have great luck. For the installation itself, it is an even-odd option. However, the difference is that players will lose if they choose an odd or even number and if the dice result is a triple.

4. Single Number Bet

This type of bet is played by placing on a single dice number which starts from the numbers 1,2,3,4,5 to 6. You will depend on the number of the dice with the results of the shuffle.

for example :

If the number of the same dice is one dice, then the payout will be 1 : 1

For the same dice number is two dice, then the payout will be 2 : 1

If the number of the same dice is three dice, then the payout will be 3 : 1

5. Double Number Bet

For this type of bet, only two dice are used. Where bets placed can be twins or random. For the result of two dice with a random result, which means the dice are chosen

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