Pros And Cons Of Playing At Live Casino 2022

Pros And Cons Of Playing At Live Casino 2022

Online casinos like ionclub have exploded in the market since their arrival around 2000 and are a much needed and better version of the regular casinos. Since everything is hosted online, the number of games is unlimited. Online casinos offer amazing bonuses similar to land-based casino combinations which are not allowed for regular players. They are the next step in the evolution of gambling, but they are missing one key element: a real casino atmosphere. After decades of adjustments and upgrades, the day has finally come when online casinos combine the best of both worlds. Enter the live casino. The combination of the availability of online casinos and the atmosphere of land-based casinos will make it the next generation in online gambling. Unlike simple casino games, live dealer games are played against the dealer and are streamed via video links. You don’t play computer games, you play with humans, just like you set foot in a land-based casino. There is a certain sensation that has never been replicated in a Vegas online casino. Thanks to Live Casino, you can now feel like you are in a real casino.

The live dealer game is not an ordinary game although the rules are almost the same. What makes them really interesting is the addition of multiple cameras that provide a snapshot of the action from multiple angles. Slow motion techniques are also often used. Trust us. Watching a roulette ball drop in slow motion into your betting pocket is something you have never seen or experienced before. Of course, live casinos also have some drawbacks. This technique is new and not ideal as it handles “on the fly”.

Pros Of Live Casino

Live Casino
The advantages of live casinos far outweigh the disadvantages. This technology has breathed new life into online casinos and offers something far more unique than simply being able to play on the go. Many players don’t really like (or trust) the RNG technology that controls the outcome of all casino games. This has proven fair time and time again, but has yet to earn the trust of many players. Live dealer games don’t use RNG, so they have to attract casino veterans. There is also the thrill of playing with the dealer and the atmosphere of the land casino is the cherry highlight.

  • Play with a human dealer – The first and most obvious advantage of a live casino is the fact that you are playing with a human dealer and not a computer. It makes everything real and adds a personal touch to the whole experience. Communicating with live dealers further enhances the feel of a live casino, giving you an unforgettable experience without going to Las Vegas. In addition, the dealers are engaging and very professional, making sure the game is played at the appropriate level.
  • Play on the go – The great thing about online casinos is that you can play on the go. The same goes for live casinos. Available on desktop and mobile devices, you can play live roulette anytime, anywhere. No need to download any software thanks to the instant play platform. Log in to your favorite live casino from your mobile and enjoy the games on offer.
  • State-of-the-art technology – When you play at a live casino, you can enjoy cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art systems that take your gambling to a whole new level. High-quality HD streaming lets you see the action like never before. More than that. Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology used by the casino, you can chat with the dealer and access everything through a virtual panel that works well.

Cons Of Live Casino

Online Casino
They all have their positives and negatives, and live casinos are no different. The technology itself is still fresh, causing more problems than some.

  • Technical Issues – Live casinos have emerged in a new way in the online gambling industry. Therefore, problems of a technical nature are expected. As mentioned, the game is streamed from a separate studio via a video link, so you run the risk of technical issues. Forget playing live casino games on 3G mobile network. Live casinos are require a really stable and fast internet connection, which is it can still be a big problem for some players. Even if the connection is stable, the possibility of technical problems persists. This is the main reason many players (and casinos) are put off by live dealer games.
  • Limited game library – Unlike online casino libraries, the range of live dealer games is very limited. Since live casinos are expensive to operate, developers are not ready to move to large portfolios. In most live casinos, you can only get 12 variants of blackjack, roulette, poker and baccarat. The range of games is increasing little by little, but now we are stuck in this casino game. And that thins can be a big problem for a lot of players.
  • Higher Minimum Bet – Expensive live casino maintenance is one of the reasons why the minimum bet is higher. Live casinos are not suitable for beginners as they are not free to play and the minimum stakes are high. As the stakes increase, newcomers tend to avoid live casinos, at least for now.

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