Guide How to Play Dragon Tiger Online

Guide How to Play Dragon Tiger Online

One of the games that is arguably quite easy to play, where you only place bets on both dragons or tigers, this game is available in sbobet casino. However, two important rules to consider first are low ace, so the order of low to high cards is ace 2 to K.

Before discussing more about how to play and strategies in playing the game dragon tiger, it’s a good idea to know what the dragon tiger game is and where this dragon tiger game comes from.



Dragon tiger game is an online casino game that was first introduced in Cambodia. Dragon tiger is also a favorite of progressive bettors who often bet on the scoreboard. The dragon tiger game is played according to British rules, namely by using 52 cards.

Dragon tiger game is a card game that is quite easy to play, just make a bet on who will get the higher card value. A card game that compares the card values ​​between the dragon and tiger sides with the highest card value.

Online casino games with very fast game rotation, for those of you who like to play games with fast spins and can get profits quickly, this dragon tiger game is the right choice.

A game that is played with 2 cards for the player and 1 card for the bookies or commonly called the banker. Unlike other online casino games, the players of this dragon tiger game do not play only against the dealer.

This dragon tiger game aims to choose which player dragon or tiger will get the highest card, unlike other casino games that allow the player or banker to draw additional cards. For this dragon tiger baccarat game, it only allows taking one card, there is no card withdrawal system.


If you are a professional bettor, you may already be familiar with how to play Dragon Tiger. However, for a beginner who wants to play may still be confused in playing the dragon tiger game.

Here’s how to play the online dragon tiger game:

  • Players will determine where to bet on Dragon, Tie, or, Tiger options.
  • Banker will deal one card each for Dragon and Tiger positions.
  • To determine the winner in this game, you Dragon or Tiger who has the highest score will be the winner. If the Dragon or Tiger has the same value, it will be called a Tie.
  • For this game the value of the K card is the card with the highest value & the Ace is the lowest card value. Order of cards from lowest to highest: A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K.
  • Winning bets will be counted 1 : 1 while Tie 1: 8
  • If Dragon or Tiger wins, no commission is charged to either party. However, if there is a tie then the bet amount on Dragon or Tiger will be reduced by 50% as commission. The rest will be returned to the player.

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Not many gambling players at daftar s128 site realize that there are mistakes that are accidentally made in gambling, which can affect the achievement of their winning results. Playing baccarat online gambling, of course, can be done by anyone easily, because it only takes the accuracy of choosing or guessing the results of the game in order to get a win.

In making baccarat bets, players can determine their own time and table of play. So that it is indirectly a gambling target that has been determined by each player. Of course, not every player can get the same winnings, but there is no need to worry. Because each player has their own chance of winning that has been prepared at each table of play.

Mistakes In Betting Online Baccarat

From the results of this baccarat gambling victory, it has a fairly large profit value, so that many gambling players are always fighting for their winnings. But keep in mind that players must also pay attention to every step of the bet so they don’t suffer losses.

In general, many gambling players ignore the wrong way to play online baccarat as follows:

Do not have capital preparation

Capital is the most important thing needed in making baccarat gambling bets, so it must be carefully considered or prepared so as not to experience a hanging game. When players who want to get big profits, of course, have to prepare large capital. That way, it will be easy for players to explore each round of the game and get the benefits.

Not careful in choosing an agent

Not careful in choosing an agent

then the error that arises is the inaccuracy in choosing a casino agent. It should be well known and understood that if you are not careful in choosing an agent site, then this will only cause problems and losses.

Just rely on luck

Another mistake that novice players often make is the lack of skill preparation. The games they participate in and do are only relying on luck. If you do the same thing, then you’ve done something wrong. In playing, you have to master many skills

Ignoring Internet Network Connection

Ignoring Internet Network Connection

Without an internet connection, players cannot join the game and place bets. Many players now use free internet or wifi networks to play baccarat games. In that case, players often forget to check or check the network signal before playing. When the internet network is experiencing interference, it is very risky for the player’s bet who could lose.

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Playing Without Concentration

The baccarat gambling game can be said to be an easy bet to play. However, players must also not underestimate the game by playing games that guess the results carelessly. The stakes, of course, require proper concentration and emotional control. So that when you get the bet, players will be more comfortable playing in achieving profit results.

Don’t understand the game

then there are also many mistakes of beginners, including not wanting to learn how to play. Even though it should be before playing, you first read the guide. Why? Yes because all about what to do it is in the play guide. If you don’t understand the guidelines, then what is clear will only be detrimental.

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Understand How To Guess Opponents’ Cards In Playing DominoQQ Online

Understand How To Guess Opponents' Cards In Playing DominoQQ Online

Winning online dominoqq games and defeating opponents in the game, of course, there are some important steps that bettors need to take. More precisely here, the preparation of game techniques and strategies must be done properly by the bettor and can read the cards or the opponent’s game.

If you can read your opponent’s cards or play, of course it will be easier to win and get an advantage. For that you should start to understand well the concepts and ways to read how the opponent’s movements and game strategies are used. The goal, of course, makes it easier for you to beat your opponent in this game.


In order for victory to be achieved easily, make sure in this case that the bettor really understands and understands the right way to play in this game. for that prepare tricks and playing techniques and understand how to beat your opponent. Check out tips and how to guess your opponent’s card in playing at!

Count the number of players

The first step, of course, must be to know the number of players who play at one table game. By knowing the number of players first, the goal is to make it easier to guess the cards in each of the player’s hands.

Check in advance the value of the card in hand

Another important thing that needs to be done is to check the number and value of the cards in your hand. Of course, the value of the cards in the hand will be different. Well, from there you can calculate the odds and possible card values ​​that each player has. Even the calculation will be easier if you start from your own hand card.

Reading Psychology and Opposition Movement

Another way you can do this is to watch the movements of each player. Usually the player with the best card value will have a very happy attitude. This is a tool for you to guess the value of the card.

The amount of the bet placed

Also pay attention to the nominal bet placed by the opposing player. You can find out the number and type of cards your opponent has if your opponent makes a bet. For example, the bet is always high, it means that the card value is good. However, if the stakes are always low, the possibility of the opponent’s card value is very low.

There are many ways that you can use to guess the number and value of cards owned by your opponent in an online dominoqq game table. The process of guessing your opponent’s card is needed so that you can really easily win in the game.

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Reason Live Casino Is So Exciting And Fun

Reason Live Casino Is So Exciting And Fun

If the bettor is confused and wants to try new things when playing online gambling, because of that there is one type of bet and game that seems to be tried. Games and bets that are interpreted as this opportunity are live casino gambling. Live casino is the latest inspiration issued by online gambling agents whose purpose is to bring bets different from others.

In the course of the game and live casino betting, video streaming is used so that some of the bettors who participate in it can see directly the course of the bet. So the bettors who play live casino are no different as if they were in the middle of a video call with several other players.

To play this casino gambling, some players are highly recommended to play it at a trusted online casino agent. A trusted casino agent guarantees that the video that is prepared will still exist for the highest quality, aka full HD (Full High Definition).

So, for some players who have never tried it, from now on it seems that they have to play this live casino gambling because there is evidence that this bet is really fun and great to play.

Reasons Why Playing Live Casino Gambling Is So Fun To Play

Reasons Why Playing Live Casino Gambling Is So Fun To Play

Live online casino games were the talk of some gamblers’ groups when they were first released. This is because the live casino event is different from other types of betting. It is not surprising that live casino gambling has also become a favorite for a large number of players.

The next question is, what are the facts and evidence if live casino is so great that it really has to be played? Below are the facts.

Complete Game Type

Complete alias complete is a side of live casino gambling. Some players can play all types of live casino gambling games. Several types of games that are available in west white house casino gambling that can be played at any time are online roulette. In addition, there are also live baccarat games, live poker and live dealers. Try it now to feel more.

There is a Roll Bonus

Because the stakes run live and are like a video call, so it is not surprising that playing live casino will consume a lot of internet packages. But, take it easy, online casino gambling agents have prepared a bonus called a roll bonus or turnover bonus. Each bettor can get this bonus and of course with this bonus, several players can play live casino in a related way.

Adding New Experience and Friends

Playing online gambling in live casino can make some players add new experiences. This is because everyone in the world plays online casino gambling so that some players can connect with players from other countries. As well as waiting to take turns playing, some players can have fun and connect with other players.

Those are some of the advantages, as proof that playing live casino gambling is really great.

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Easy Steps to Register Online Casino Without Fail!

Easy Steps to Register Online Casino Without Fail

Reaching profits is one of the main things that everyone always does. You can do all kinds of things for a profit. However, that doesn’t mean you have to commit a crime or force your way to get an advantage.

If you are not successful in one way, then you can move to another. There are many steps you can use to make a profit. Work is one of the slow steps people take to achieve big profits.

However, this tends to lead to people spending time playing. To have both things at the same time. People then join in the simple way which is to register online casinos. You can take advantage of gambling games to achieve the dreams you really want in the game. It’s not a difficult thing to join in the existing game.

Many people have taken advantage of these simple steps to make the most of the game. The more money you have, the greater the chance of making a large profit in the game too. Betting is one of the processes that makes the game appear different from other common games.

List of online casinos is what people do after realizing the advantages of online gaming have tremendous advantages in gaming. There is no one who rejects the benefits of gambling because you can play while you work too.

People are busy looking for ways to get all kinds of ways to join the game. Online games are an alternative way for players who want to play. You won’t run out of money and time if you take the time to search for information related to online games yourself.

Easy Way to Register Online Casino

You don’t have to think a lot if you really want to earn money the easy way. What you have to do as soon as possible is to register for an online casino as soon as possible. You have to feel for yourself the benefits of the games that people talk about. Only in this way will you know that the game is the right way to reap big profits in an easy and simple way.

To create a game account, the first thing you have to do is turn on the device that you will use to play. You should already know that you can choose the media that you can use in online games. Turn on the device and open the internet for a simple registration process.

In online games, to register for an online casino, you must already have the game agent you choose in the game, the best recommended admin can give is at You must confirm the level of safety or quality in this game agent. After that, you can open the main game agent page by searching for the agent name you choose.

If you get an alternative link, it’s also much easier. You only need to enter direct data because it has been directed to the registration page. You must select the registration page once you find the main page in the game. Select the in-game list option if via an alternative link.

To register for an online casino, you must fill in the data requested by the existing game agent. You only need to write the name that you will use in the game. The username itself must be unique to get a game account. Next, all you have to do is enter the password in the game you are using.

Game agents do have a high level of protection. However, it still asks for a password for personal protest from the player’s own side. Re-enter the password as a form of verification. Provide an active contact that can be contacted by the game agent regarding the game account you have. Enter your phone number and area code and also provide an email address that you check frequently.

For some online casino registration processes, there are usually those who ask for a referral code. Data is usually filled in depending on the instructions from the game agent that you must fill in. After that, you can continue the process by entering the payment for the game account you have.

It’s not a difficult thing for this process because you can choose the method or service you want to use in the game. Take advantage of credit for a much simpler payment. Just fill in enough credit balance and enter the number you have in the column provided. Press the deposit amount you want. Next, enter the validation code, agreeing to all the terms of the game. Press the register button when you are sure.

You only need to wait a few moments to get a game account. These are the simple steps to register online casinos that you should know. Create your own game account to get big benefits from the games provided.

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How to Play Roulette Online Gambling Game

How to Play Roulette Online Gambling Game

In the summary we have prepared, we will present how to play roulette online, the full number soccer gambling game for bettors, of course we have compiled this information as well as possible so that it can be a lesson for all players who want to get the benefits of playing live casino.

The game of roulette is a casino gambling game originating from France and was then played by the aristocrats of its time, but until now it has been played by various groups and has spread throughout the world.

Roulette is usually played using a small ball media that is placed on a round wheel disc as the basis, then the ball will stop at one of the numbers in the disc containing numbers from 0 to 36.

In addition to the roulette game in live casino, there are also other games such as baccarat, dragon tiger, blackjack, sic bo and many others. However, we will provide a complete discussion of how to play online roulette as follows.

An Understanding of How to Play The Best Online Roulette

So that players can know how to play online roulette in a concise and clear manner, they can follow several rules and types of bets to place when they start betting.

When starting online roulette betting, bettors already know the basic rules on the roulette table, including:

  • When you start playing and betting, you will be given 50 – 60 seconds to pair the capital on the type of bet according to each feeling.
  • All online gambling betting processes will be presented live streaming, so there is no need to worry about indications that fraud will occur.
  • The maximum and minimum betting on the betting table will depend on the table and where your agent is playing.

After knowing some of the rules for how to play roulette online, it is also necessary to know the menu options in the following game screen.

  • Bet Limit: Information to find out the maximum amount of each bet on the roulette table.
  • Chips: Information on the remaining balance or credit in your online casino gambling account.
  • Confirm option: Button to accept all bets or capital issued by the player.
  • Clear Bet: Serves to clear all bets on the table and their capital.

After knowing the basics of how to play online roulette we have mentioned above, in this discussion we also provide the types of roulette bets along with the payment of prizes if you win.

  1. Straight Up Bet is to pair 1 number from a total of 36 numbers, if successful and winning will get a prize of 1 in 35 or 1 in 36 depending on the rules of the online gambling agent.
  2. Split Bet, which is choosing 2 numbers simultaneously, if the player manages to guess one of the numbers, he will get 1 in 17 of the capital.
  3. Street Bet is a pair of online roulette numbers for 3 numbers simultaneously, if the bettors successfully guess, they will get a prize of 1 in 11.
  4. Corner Bet, which is to choose 4 numbers at the same time on the online roulette table, and if you succeed, you get paid 1 in 8 from the initial bet.
  5. Column Bet is a bet to pair 12 numbers vertically usually marked from 1st 12, 2nd 12 and 3rd 12.
  6. Dozen Bet pairs 12 numbers in 3 columns available on the online roulette table.
  7. Red Black chooses 1 of 2 colors on the online roulette table between red and black, if successful, gets 1 to 1 of the bet.

That’s all so many explanations about how to play roulette online, we recommend you to play on, hopefully it can provide extensive insight into playing live casino online.

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Benefits Of Playing the Trusted Online Casino

Benefits Of Playing the Trusted Online Casino

Today who is not familiar with online gambling betting games. Moreover, for now the game has been packaged in such a way that the bettor and other fans feel comfortable when playing in the game, especially online casino gambling games. online casino gambling games it is no longer in doubt. because this game is very popular among gambling lovers. The reason is very interesting because there are so many benefits that you will get when joining the site. not just that, this game is very much enjoyed by all people who exist in Indonesia or parts of the world. The fact that the popularity of online casinos does have a high level of popularity among online gambling. One of the most important reasons in this game is that online casinos have a myriad of benefits and advantages when playing on trusted dealer sites in Indonesia.

The benefits of playing online casino certainly have the advantage that deserves thumbs up this casino game you can easily quickly and safely can through your favorite car phone or your computer. The benefits of playing online can indeed be free from penalties that have been upheld in Indonesia . besides playing online gambling you can play freely and can be played anytime and anywhere while there is time to play it. Playing at online casinos can guarantee you will not feel bored because the types of games available on the casino site are indeed very diverse.


as mentioned above that the games that are in the online casino do have many types and are free to play anytime and anywhere by using only one user id. Besides, the goal is the number of games provided.


The next benefit when playing at online casinos site like mabosbet is the rules of the game that are very easy. To be sure in playing this game you only need to use one account only and do not have to re-register when you want to play other games. Unlike other gambling games that must use an account again when you want to play another game. of course it is more effective when you play and no need to bother anymore.


The third benefit you can feel when playing on the online casino site, there are various kinds of bonuses that can be obtained with, already and without complicated conditions. for bonuses offered such as referrals, cashback promos, jackpots, login bonuses and new members And even more crazy bonuses that you can get every day, week and even every month. Just for example, for those of you who are new members, you will get boys cashback from the transaction process, such as a depositist which is 25% when making the first transaction.


For the last benefit that you can get when playing in a trusted online casino is that your data security will be guaranteed. You need to know that this is very important in internet gambling games. Normally online gambling games that require online personal data are complete when registering it. That is the description of the benefits of playing online casino that we can inform, hopefully it can be useful for you all

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The Main Secret Easy to Win Play Live Casino Online

The Main Secret Easy to Win Play Live Casino Online

Who doesn’t know about online gambling? Yes, gambling is a type of game that is played using bets. In addition to betting gambling can also be played to fill free time, for some people is something very interesting and quite exciting. Some people believe that by playing online gambling can eliminate boredom and boredom and provide a calming effect for some people. Especially for online casino live members, just not playing for a day feels like the end of the world for them.

As the name implies, this online live casino game can already be played with an online system, only with a smartphone or computer and of course using the internet network. Now, when playing, of course, some players find out how to win the game on the Online Casino Gambling Site. But the main requirement you must understand very well about how to play it. Here we will give you a few key secrets of Easy Winning Live Casino Online.

The Main Secret to Win Live Casino Online

The Main Secret to Win Live Casino Online
1. Adequate capital

In a gambling game there will always be a name that wins and also loses, when we lose the role of capital will really help us to be able to turn things around into a capital or win. So if you do not have enough capital, you should not make gambling bets first, because that will only hurt you. Use only the capital you can, so don’t force it to use all the capital in your account.

2. Patience

The patience factor also plays an important role. You have to be patient in playing live casino online, if you are impatient and keep analyzing the conditions you will lose your concentration. When you lose concentration that’s your opponent’s chance to grow and defeat you. Opponents will realize once you know the condition of your patience if you have experienced defeat. All they have to do is prepare the trap with your concentration shattered. Therefore, prepare yourself carefully so that you can control your emotions.

3. Pay Attention to Opponent Bets

You should also pay attention to bets made by opponents or bookies when playing. Surely each player has their own different tips and tricks and also have different patience and shortcomings. If you want to get a victory in betting, of course you must understand the tips and tricks used by other players who may be more experienced then your percentage of getting bigger wins and losses will not come to you.

4. Playing Games That You Are Able To Control

If you are good at Roulette, then don’t play Sicbo games that you haven’t mastered. Because playing in a game that you have mastered can open your chances of winning the online live casino game and we want to suggest you to play on the best live casino site. Therefore, do not ever run into other games that you have not quasi, might not get a victory but your chip actually runs out first. So play on a game that you really have mastered first.

5. Don’t Play When Stressed

This is very often done by online gambling players, ie playing live casino online in times of stress. Some people vent to play when they again have a lot of problems. This is certainly a very wrong action and bring you a big loss.

When you are experiencing a lot of problems, you should calm yourself down first. Playing online casino gambling when in a good mood won’t make your game to the maximum. Conversely, your focus will be disrupted so that it will ultimately produce the wrong decision. Not infrequently you even become emotional and in the end the capital you spend is left out.

That is the reason why playing online casino gambling really needs the so-called calmness. Make sure you are in good condition and ready to face other players in the game. Whatever game you play, if you are in a bad mood it will produce a bad game.

With the effort and calm, surely the opportunity for victory will also be more wide open for you. Therefore be a rational casino player who is rational and great at completing every bet patiently to take chances.

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The Most Easy to Play Live Casino Game

Permainan Live Casino yang Paling Mudah Dimainkan

If you are one of the various players who have decided to play in one of the sixteen Live Casino games. Casino Depoxito has advantages, so you will have the curiosity which is the most suitable for you? You might even have detected that Depoxito Casino has 3 choices of live games (in very different variations) on this offer and this thesis is the fast paced classic, blackjack and baccarat roulette.

We have selected solely the most prominent Casino style games to be broadcast live to your home. but rest assured that each unit of our live dealer game area is all interesting and full of casino action, and because we have included a number of variations it is guaranteed that there is one thing that suits everyone’s taste.

This means that Depoxito Casinos live games can be adapted to ordinary players too because those who are a lot of experienced gamblers with every high roller and low roller game also provide pure probability games and people wherever you can use your own game. personal strategy.

Choosing the game that is most suitable for you before you actually go to the table makes sense and there are several units of goods that you will do to make you take part in good sports for your own game. .

Because we have a tendency to be mentioned above Depoxito Casino caters to any or all types of players and also the biggest difference you will realize is between roulette which is always popular. wherever players think about women. Luck is plenty of time for cardboard blackjack and baccarat games wherever you will be able to put your personal game method to find out.

One dedicated way to find what works for you if you are a little unsure is to check the game beforehand. Looking for what to expect before you sit alone in each live casino dealer game can greatly increase your confidence, and this makes sense because knowing about sports before you start playing can save time, money, and face, because no one wants to sit on live games create the most basic mistakes after a little analysis might simplify things.

If taking part in any of the games wherever you will be able to use techniques that interest you, then doing a little analysis to various methods is also recommended. Knowing how they work will not only help you put them to find out effectively for you, but you will even be ready to recognize they are employed by your opponents.

You can see some examples of blackjack and baccarat methods as a way to play complete games online, and that they value the unit well if you are serious about participating in many versatile Depoxito Casino live dealers. game.

You will see once you have made your alternative that Casino Depoxito (you can access thru this link has created an atmosphere of normal bricks and mortar places fine with the presence of live dealers and croupiers and real Casino furniture along with tables and wheels. Streaming events will greatly add to this skill especially because you enjoy talking in real time with your dealer or gambler and your opponent.

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Conditions You Need To Know Online Casino Roulette Game

Conditions You Need To Know Online Casino Roulette GameIn a gambling game, SBOBET authorized agents in any form and kind certainly have different techniques and methods. And of course, in an online casino gambling site of paris, of course, there must be a things of the game you need to know, not to mention the game of roulette in the casino category well.

There are important terms that should be known about the terms in this game because it is something that is also important, and the major capital in the process of playing.

There is not much difference with the type of game play, if you are lucky, you will surely get a big jackpot. So for the lucky players bring a lot of opportunities to win.

Before you start playing the online casino roulette, you must first know the stakes in play Roulette online casino, you must first know the long term paris in play Roulette online. The term includes the following games:

A. Straight Up

Straight Up is a type of bet in Roulette, where the player can not put a single number. For example: if you want to place a bet on number 5, you just need to put the chips in number 5. If the ball falls just at number 5, then you will be paid by the dealer as compared to the condition.

B. Split

SPLIT is the kind of paris placed on two adjacent numbers. For example, if you want to place a bet on the number 25 and 26, then you can simply right click on the average. if one of these numbers, then you will be paid by the city in a ratio of 17: 1.

C. Corner

The angle is a type of bet in which the player must place a chip in 4 adjacent numbers. However, players place paris on the corner between four numbers. If one of the numbers come out then the player will receive a 5: 1 victory.

D. Street

Street is the kind of bet as little separate. However, the type of road bet on three adjacent numbers. If one of the numbers come out, the player will be paid by the dealer to the ratio of 11: 1.

Roullete OnlineE. Column

The columns are usually installed in one of the columns that players want. The following players are to install a chip in one of the boxes 2 or 1. If the player wins the game, the player will receive payment in the ratio of 2: 1.

F. Dozen

A dozen is the type of paris placed on all the numbers that have a dozen signs. If a player wins the bet, it will be paid by the dealer in a 2: 1 ratio of the total initial bet.

G. Red or Black

Red or black, also known as red or black, is the kind of game where the player must be able to put the ball in the red or black box. If a player wins the round, it will be paid in the ratio 1: 1 of the total amount bet.

H. Orphans

Orphans is a type of bet in which the player has the right to put all the numbers from zero level. Players can install up to five chips at a time.
If a player wins a bet, it will be paid 1: 1 match pairs in total.

If you already know and understand the basic requirements above, you will find of course a little easier to determine the type of game in which you choose. On the other hand, you will know what kind of games can provide great benefits.

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